What would your grandpa say….

We often hear the phrase “What would your mother say?” when talking to kids or young adults these days when it comes to hair styles, clothes, or just their actions in general.  It has got me thinking lately…what would my grandpa say about the hunters shown on TV or in Outdoor Magazines these days.  How would I explain to my grandpa that I need to go to the store so I can pick me up a nice bottle of doe pee so I can get me a big buck?  OK, well, oldtimers used to cut out the tarsal gland of a deer they just shot and use it lure in anther deer.  And I know I have heard stories of the Native Americans doing the same, so I guess it’s not that far off base.

How do you explain to grandpa that you need a camo golf cart with a winch, roll bar and flood lights to go get your deer out of the woods?  I can see it now….Grandpa takes his cap off, scratches his head, and looks over at me, “you got legs, don’t you?”

OK, Grandpa maybe I don’t NEED the golf cart, but what about this sweet GPS unit with maps and aerial photo overlay.  “Didn’t your dad teach you to use a map and compass, boy?” he would reply.  “You should at least pay attention to your surroundings so you can remember where you are going.  That’s as bad as your Dad needing that dang PGS thing in his car to tell him how to get to the store.  Did you even see a deer when you went hunting yesterday?” he would ask.  Ummm, well no, but when I checked my trail camera and I had 143 new pictures on it.  “Grandpa, do you want to see?  I got a sweet buck on there, I call him Crab Claws.”  I can already hear his reply.  “Well for land sakes, what in the heck is a trail camera anyway?  I thought we were talking deer hunting here, not lobster fishing.”


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