Fishing after Midnight

Since my first attempt at cat fishing a few months ago, I have been obsessed with trying to hook up with the less-than-attractive whiskery water dweller.  I can’t explain it, but the mere simplicity of chasing cats and the fine table fare they provide have me transfixed with the pursuit of this fish.  As soon as our kids were tucked snugly in their beds, I gave my wife a quick kiss and I was off on my quest for cat fish.

The evening was hot and sticky as many early August nights can be in this part of Wisconsin.  Tonight I would try a new fishing hole that I had not fished before.  I have come to grow very fond of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway since we moved near this natural wonder.  If you have not had the good fortune of experiencing this great river I highly recommend you make the effort.

Driving west as the sun started to drop toward the horizon to rest its warm rays for the night, I could only think of the dark bodied fish that would stretch my line that evening.  Arriving at my fishing location I would not be the only person fishing area this summer night.  I talked to a couple of high school age kids who were after the same quarry as I.  They had not had any success yet but I was confident I would show these young bucks just how this fishing game was played.

Setting my gear on the sandy bank of the great Wisconsin, I rigged my rod with what I knew would be an enticing meal for some hungry cat.  My zeal for action did not dull even after breaking off my line twice on snags.  As the sun deprived me of useful light to see by, the mosquitoes made there presence known and eventually drove me from the sandy banks and my dreams of a cooler full of catfish dinners.  While I didn’t bring home a meal of fish I took away some great memories and relaxing evening on the shores of a great river.  Please enjoy some of the photos I was able to take while on this adventure.

This picture shows the dam I was fishing below in the background and my cooler and bait bucket in the foreground.


While this might look like a full moon it really was only a half moon.
I really liked how this shot turned out and and feel that it captures my feelings from the evening of fishing very well, minus the mosquitos.




  1. Great story & good pictures, Bryan! Reminds me of my Dad, Charlie, many years ago, heading out with his fishing pals after dark , to fish the river for those cats!

  2. Enjoyed your fishing story Bryan, growing up not far from the Missouri we spent many Sundays there while my mom and dad fished, then dad got a flat bottom boat and away we went out on the Muddy Mo to spear carp or put out throw lines. We had many fish fries on Sunday night. Down by any river can be a great experience and glad you can get away and enjoy those times. Keep on fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Sherry B

    • Sherry-
      Thanks for reading and glad my story could bring back some good memories for you too. One of these days I’ll have to try fishing the Missouri as I have never fished that river before. We can’t put out throw lines in WI but it is a method of fishing I have wanted to try since discovering my enjoyment of cat fishing.

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